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Since you were already looking for the survey guide on papasurvey, so I assume that you love eating pizzas at Papa Murphy’s, and now you want to know about the survey, right?

That’s a good idea indeed because you also get a free cookie or coupon in exchange for participation.

So, Papa Murphy’s has its online portal for its customers who wish to share their experience in the eatery. As many customers visit the restaurant every day and everyone has their different experiences in the restaurant and those experiences of yours Papa Murphy’s wants to know.

A restaurant has many things to manage, starting from food to service, management to hygiene, and other things too, and even one is not up to the mark or not performing well. It will directly affect the company’s s reputation. Therefore, keeping all things on track and satisfying customers by their wants and needs is very necessary.

In order to receive comprehensive information about the customer’s likes, dislikes, opinions, and suggestions, the company conducts a survey.

By carrying a survey firm will know how they are doing till now? What common problems are customers facing? And are they happy with the service and food? All such data support companies building their businesses more.

Since the company needs to get updated with the customer’s current demands, a survey is a way to understand people’s mindsets.

Papa Murphy's Survey

Why should you take PapaSurvey?

The survey has some exciting benefits that you can get after completing the survey.

  • You can win a discount offer worth $3 on completing the survey.
  • When you rate their products or services, you provide them feedback that they can work on and serve you better.

So definitely take the survey and enjoy the benefits.

Now when you are taking a survey, you need to know some of the survey restrictions.

What are the PapaSurvey Restrictions?

There are certain restrictions that you should definitely check it out.

  • If you are below the age of 18, unfortunately, you won’t be able to take the survey.
  • If you are an investor or working in Papa Murphy and in any way related to them, unfortunately, your entry is restricted in the Papa Survey.
  • There is a time limit of 3 days within which you should definitely take the survey, as beyond the code on the purchase receipt will be invalid.
  • Every purchase receipt has a code through which you can enter the survey, so if you don’t possess the purchase receipt, you can’t enter the survey.
  • Read this point very carefully; under no circumstances can you transfer your discount coupon code.

Before we check how to take the survey, these are some of the survey questions that are asked at PapaSurvey.

Survey Questions in PapaSurvey

  • Did you like your order?
  • How were the cleanliness and sanitation facilities in the store?
  • How was the behavior of the staff in the store?
  • Was the service quick and sufficient?
  • Rate from 1-5 how likely you will recommend Papa Murphy to your near and dear ones.

These are some of the survey questions, so make sure you answer the questions honestly as it will help them improve their services.

How can you take the PapaSurvey?

  • If you are ready with all the requirements (purchase receipt, an electronic device with a stable internet connection), you can click on this link
  • When you land on their home page, they will ask you the visit date and the store number, then press the red color button named “Start.”
  • A survey code is present on your receipt, do put it carefully when you are asked.
  • Then the PapaSurvey will begin where you have to answer specific questions that we mentioned above. Do provide your ratings and comments accordingly.
  • Once done, you will receive a redemption code, note it down and redeem it at your next visit to Papa Murphy and get a discount worth $3 on your favorite pizza.


Well, that’s all. Now you are ready to take the survey. You might face specific issues while doing the survey; for this, you can contact them.


  • What is PapaSurvey?

Customers of Papa Murphy’s may express their thoughts and feelings regarding their dining experience on the online survey platform known as PapaSurvey.

  • How do I take part in the PapaSurvey?

Visit the Papa Murphy’s website or use a link the restaurant gave to access the survey in order to take part. Complete the survey by following the supplied instructions.

  • Are there any benefits to taking the PapaSurvey?

Papa Murphy’s could provide incentives or benefits in exchange for completing the survey. Rewards come in many forms, but they frequently include discounts on subsequent purchases or unique promotional deals. For specific information on incentives, visit the Papa Murphy’s website or look at the survey instructions.

  • How long does PapaSurvey take to complete?

Although the survey’s completion duration might vary, it usually takes 5 to 10 minutes. The length of time might vary depending on how many questions are asked and how much information is included in your answers.


Your input is important at Papa Murphy’s, which is why we value your involvement in PapaSurvey. Your opinion is extremely important to us in achieving our objective of continually enhancing our dining experience. By spending a short amount of time filling out the survey, you can help Papa Murphy’s shape its future and make sure that we consistently meet and exceed your expectations.

PapaSurvey is designed to gather your thoughts, opinions, and experiences about our restaurant. We want to know what you loved about our delicious pizza options, what made your visit memorable, and how we can further enhance our menu and service to make every dining experience outstanding. Your feedback provides us with valuable insights that guide our decision-making process, allowing us to make improvements that truly matter to you, our valued customer.

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